Fasting Trick Helps Drop Major Pounds

Woman’s World – August 29, 2020

Unsplash – Nate Dumlao @ nate_dumlao

How great would it be if gently coaxing your body toward wellness also happened to melt one, two, even three pounds a day? That’s exactly what Dr. Oz’s fasting trick can do. Called System 20, his new plan is “a comprehensive science-based health overhaul you can actually live with,” he recently revealed.

The doc spent a year getting the guidelines real-world ready, and his efforts paid off. Folks using just a handful of System 20 strategies are able to enjoy cocktails and cheat days while reporting hefty losses (50, 75, 100 pounds!). They also improve mood, memory, energy, blood sugar, blood pressure, and much more. As Dr. Oz put it, “It’s been the most successful plan we’ve ever rolled out!” Here’s what a day on System 20 looks like:


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